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gcc-testsuite-Execution tests fail on arm simulator

From: Deepak Jadhav
Subject: gcc-testsuite-Execution tests fail on arm simulator
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 18:22:13 +0530


Thanks to the members of DejaGnu mailing group for replying for my previous

I am working on a linux machine. I have certain queries regarding using
DejaGNU with arm simulator that I have mentioned at the end. Initially I
have briefed my setup.

My setup

Building Cross-toolchain for arm -- to be used for creating executables to
be tested.
I have built a cross toolchain for arm. It includes mainly binary utilities,
C compiler and libc.a i.e newlib ANSI C library. All the tools are prefixed
with arm-elf-, say arm-elf-gcc,etc.

Building GDB with simulator -- to be used by DejaGNU.
I have built debugger and simulator for arm. It includes mainly binary
utilities arm-elf-gdb and arm-elf-run.

Setting DejaGNU, Expect and TCL -- to be used to create a testing framework
I have installed TCL, expect and Dejagnu and setup a testing environment. It
includes mainly

Testsuite -- to be tested using DejaGNU framework.
I have GCC testsuite(version 3.4.4) which contains the directories starting
with tool name i.e 'gcc' for --tool=gcc on runtest command of DejaGNU.Out of
these directories,gcc.c-torture is an directory which consists of compile &
execute subdirectories containing .c files & .exp files. For testing purpose
I have scaled down this gcc testsuite for DejaGNU to run only the tests
under the execute subdirectory of gcc.c-torture directory.

Actual testing
1. I have set the "PATH" env variable to locate the following
   1.a arm-elf-gcc -- the cross compiler for arm
   1.b arm-elf-run -- the simulator for arm
   1.c -- to invoke DejaGNU testing framework.

2. I have written a file site.exp present in the present working directory
which contains following lines.

set target_alias arm-elf
set target_triplet arm-unknown-elf

This was performed so that it gets the compiler & simulator. I have not
modified any other script file in the DejaGNU folder.

3. I execute the following command from my testing directory.

runtest --srcdir=/home/deepakj/testing/testsuites/gcc-3.4.4/gcc/testsuite --
tool=gcc --debug -v -v -v -v --target_board=arm-sim

Actual error
There are the some of the errors that I got after executing runtest command.
Some of the execute tests compile properly but all of them fail while
executing on simulator. All the tests to be executed are either failed or
kept Unresolved. I am attaching a log of it.

1. Why none of the tests execute on simulator even though the simulator is
called properly?
2. Is the setup that I am using proper?
3. How can I execute these tests with arm simulator without any errors?

Can anybody help me in resolving this problem by examining the detailed log


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