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ssh/scp discrepencies while running a testsuite

From: Benjamin Collar
Subject: ssh/scp discrepencies while running a testsuite
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2006 17:01:37 +0200
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Hi everyone

I'm trying to get the gdb testsuite running for a remote target. So far I can get simple remote tests to work, like the simple.exp from

However, it's when I move to the gdb-server mode that I have great difficulties. So far, though, it comes down to this:

shell > ssh -l root pentium4-linux /usr/bin/gdbserver :7000 /tmp/i386-prologue.660

----> This works *without* asking for a password <-----

shell > runtest -v -v -v -v ./gdb.arch/i386-prologue.exp
.... (lots of output... )
call_remote download pentium4-linux /p01/tmp/debuggers/testsuite/./gdb.arch/i386-prologue /tmp/i386-prologue.660

Copied /p01/tmp/debuggers/testsuite/./gdb.arch/i386-prologue to pentium4-linux:/tmp/i386-prologue.660

call_remote spawn pentium4-linux {/usr/bin/gdbserver :7000 /tmp/i386-prologue.660}

spawn /usr/bin/ssh -l root pentium4-linux /usr/bin/gdbserver :7000 /tmp/i386-prologue.660

-----> This asks me for a password <------

So what's so funky?
- scp under spawn in expect does not ask for a passwold
- ssh from the command line does not ask for a password
- ssh under spawn in expect *does* ask for a password

And thus my tests don't work. (actually, what happens is, even if I type in the password, it does not start gdbserver. But afaiu, it should not ask me).

The target board definition stuff is below. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me understand the discrepency. Thanks for your time!

Benjamin Collar


#load_generic_config "unix"
set tracelevel 3
load_generic_config "gdbserver"
process_multilib_options ""

# C and C++ compilers
set_board_info compiler "/vobs/linux40/montavista/cge/devkit/x86/pentium4/bin/pentium4-gcc" set_board_info c++compiler "/vobs/linux40/montavista/cge/devkit/x86/pentium4/bin/pentium4-g++" set_board_info gdb "/vobs/linux40/montavista/cge/devkit/x86/pentium4/bin/pentium4-gdb"

# network settings
set_board_info hostname pentium4-linux
set_board_info protocol standard

# how to execute stuff on the board
set_board_info rsh_prog /usr/bin/ssh
set_board_info username root

# how to send stuff to the board
set_board_info rcp_prog /usr/bin/scp

# gdbserver specific settings
set_board_info sockethost "pentium4-linux:"
set_board_info gdb_protocol "remote"
set_board_info use_gdb_stub 1
set_board_info gdb,do_reload_on_run 1
set_board_info noargs 1
set_board_info gdb,noinferiorio 1
set_board_info gdb,no_hardware_watchpoints 1
set_board_info gdb,socketport 7000
set_board_info gdb_server_prog "/usr/bin/gdbserver"

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