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Re: [HOWTO] RE: dejagnu remote testing without rsh/rcp facilities on tar

From: J.J.Garcia
Subject: Re: [HOWTO] RE: dejagnu remote testing without rsh/rcp facilities on target.
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 21:32:12 +0200
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Dave Korn wrote:
> On 27 April 2006 15:01, J.J.Garcia wrote:
>>Btw, did you finally found the old testcases for 2.95.3 release? when you
>>have the time, feel free to tell me how to get them from you.
>   Sorry, I was too busy to dig them out so far, they're on my pc at home 
> which has a drive beginning to fail and I've been having trouble getting it 
> cleanly transferred across to a new one; I'll get to it in the next few days. 
>  As for how to get them, I could always just mail them to your gmail account 
> - that should be big enough, shouldn't it?  Is there an upper limit on the 
> size of attachments?  Sending a big email should be no problem at my end and 
> sounds easiest to me, but if it's too awkward for you I could find a public 
> web or ftp server somewhere and upload it instead; let me know.

I have no problem receiving at gmail account but the limit for attachements is
10MB acording to their faq, iirc 2.95.3 is almost 14MB long plus 1.6 MB for
testsuite (at least for 2.95.2-1 testsuite release i have actually).

Feel free to use (w/o splitting) "nobrain TA stigmatedbrain TOD net" account
when you have the spare time to do it,

Thanks a lot Dave


>     cheers,
>       DaveK

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