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Re: Integration of the TAT tool into dejagnu proposal

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: Integration of the TAT tool into dejagnu proposal
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2007 03:51:56 -0000
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Franco Carbognani wrote:
> I have made available a snapshot of our changes (as tar/gzip file)
> under this web link:
> Let me know if you have any problem in dowloading it.
> The TAT code that we are reusing is already under LGPL within the ACS 
> distribution  see:
  Hum, we would need the TAT code, as it exists in DejaGnu to be GPL'd,
as DejaGnu is GPL'd. Especially since this code make changes to the
DejaGnu core code itself. In addition, the copyright would have to be
assigned to the FSF, as DejaGnu is a GNU project. This shouldn't effect
the LGPL'd version in the TAT code itself. This decision would have to
be made before I could even check the code in.

  If that can happen, I don't see any breakage when I ran the GCC/GDB
testsuites through this.

    - rob -

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