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Strange behavior for scan-tree-dump testing

From: Mohamed Shafi
Subject: Strange behavior for scan-tree-dump testing
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 13:32:04 +0530

Hello all,

I added few testcases to the existing testsuite in gcc 4.1.1.
After running the testsuite i found out that all my test cases with
scan-tree-dump testing failed for one particular situation.
The values are scanned from gimple tree dump and its fails for cases like

b4 = 6.3e+1
c1 = 1.3450000286102294921875e+0

but it was not failing for other values in the same tree dump which
has values like

some_identifier = x.xe-1
some_identifier = x.xe0

The failures are only when the tree dump values are positive and
represented in the above format. I checked the tree dumps manually and
found out that all the values are proper and the scan lines in the
test-cases are also proper. this is way i used them

/* { dg-final { scan-tree-dump "b4 = 6.3e+1" "gimple" } } */

Why is this behavior ? For positive values should i be writing it in
some other way?

One other question is that i am getting "test for excess errors" Fails
for some cases which produce lot of warnings but otherwise proper.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.


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