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Re: dejagnu get hang at remote.exp (remote_spawn proc)

From: Baurzhan Ismagulov
Subject: Re: dejagnu get hang at remote.exp (remote_spawn proc)
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 21:45:17 +0200
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On Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 12:10:27AM -0700, noam_a wrote:
> but now the package get stack at remote_spawn proc (at dejagnu/remote.exp) 
> at the line:
> set result [catch "spawn $commandline" pid];
> please, any one can explain why it get stack?

I would try "strace -f -e trace=execve ...", where "..." is how you
start your tests ("make check", or "runtest", or whatever). You have
probably set up remote testing and it hangs connecting somewhere.

> i'm not so familier with expect/tcl and i cant understand what is the
> problem

Neither am I. My understanding is, gdb testsuite is written in tcl and
uses dejagnu functions. Dejagnu is written in tcl and uses expect
functions. Expect is a binary library for tcl. Tcl is a binary

If I have a problem with gdb testsuite or dejagnu, I "runtest -v -v -v".
If this doesn't help, I put more "verbose" statements in the code. This
is usually enough to find out the statement causing the problem. The
next question is, where to look for the docs. For dejagnu, it's the best
to read the source. Then, "man expect". Then, browse . If
this doesn't help, strace to taste (often, dumping the whole environment
is helpful). Otherwise, debug tcl (never done that myself).

With kind regards,
Baurzhan Ismagulov

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