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RE: dejagnu get hang at remote.exp (remote_spawn proc)

From: Dave Korn
Subject: RE: dejagnu get hang at remote.exp (remote_spawn proc)
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 09:23:11 +0100

On 19 August 2007 06:01, noam_a wrote:

> Hi again,
> the problem involve from the spawn command.
> it seems that it expect.exe can not spawn process that been compiled by
> windows tools and not a cygwin.
> i tried a little test on a while (1) loop that been compiled with gcc and
> then spawn it - Ok,
> but when compiled it with window tool (Visual c++) - it got hang.

  This probably ought to work.  Are you using a cygwin DOS-style shell window
or one of the fancier terminals like rxvt or xterm?  Does your CYGWIN
environment variable contain either or 'tty' or 'notty'?  What does the stack
dump actually say?

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