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[PATCH] Don't initialize target_alias

From: Jie Zhang
Subject: [PATCH] Don't initialize target_alias
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 12:13:02 +0800


When testing installed libstdc++ library using the following command:

  runtest --tool libstdc++ --srcdir
--target_board bfin-uclinux --target=bfin-uclinux

I found runtest couldn't find bfin-uclinux-gcc, instead it found -gcc.

In runtest.exp, the following code does not set target_alias as @target_triplet

  # Default target_alias to target_triplet.
  if {![info exists target_alias]} {
      set target_alias $target_triplet

since at the beginning of runtest.exp, target_alias has been initialized as ""

  set target_alias   ""          ;# standard abbreviation of target

With the attached patch, which removes the above line from
runtest.exp, I can test the installed libstdc++.

Is the patch OK, or I did something wrong in test setting?


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