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patch: baseboard_SCRIPTS missing files

From: Hans-Peter Nilsson
Subject: patch: baseboard_SCRIPTS missing files
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 11:24:13 +0100

Testing HEAD using the gcc testsuite for cris-elf *without* my
local cris-sim.exp revealed an inconsistency in
baseboard_SCRIPTS; cris-sim.exp and at least two other files
aren't installed.  To fix it, I searched for an automake feature
corresponding to GNU make $(wildcard baseboards/*.exp) but
noticed that there was none, and that this is documented as a
deliberate omission.  (See the automake FAQ; it's along the
lines of with such a feature, it'd be easy to omit or distribute
files by mistake.  Just silly, if you ask me.)

I'm not sure how you wish to handle the problem of not
introducing these inconsistencies in the future.  If it were up
to me, I'd just require GNU make and replace that line with
"baseboards_SCRIPTS = $(wildcard baseboard/*.exp)" or replace
the hard list with the equivalent autoconf-replaced list.  Or at
least add a check-local clause checking that the hard list
equals "ls baseboards/*.exp" (after sorting, etc.)

I haven't done any hard checking myself; just that with this
patch the number of lines equals the number of baseboard/*.exp
and approximately the correct contents and that gcc tests for
cris-elf using cris-sim from the local installation works (no
changes in test-results compared to the debian dejagnu-1.4.4
package and cris-sim.exp as originally submitted).  I didn't
check config_FILES at all.

2008-02-11    <address@hidden>

        * (baseboard_SCRIPTS): Add scripts cris-sim.exp,
        iq2000-sim.exp and m32r-linux-sim.exp.
        * Regenerate.
diff --git a/ b/
index 5a72019..0e51659 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ baseboard_SCRIPTS = \
        baseboards/basic-sid.exp \
        baseboards/basic-sim.exp \
        baseboards/cf.exp \
+       baseboards/cris-sim.exp \
        baseboards/cygmon.exp \
        baseboards/cygwin.exp \
        baseboards/d10v-sim.exp \
@@ -94,10 +95,12 @@ baseboard_SCRIPTS = \
        baseboards/i386-sid.exp \
        baseboards/i960-cyclone.exp \
        baseboards/i960-sim.exp \
+       baseboards/iq2000-sim.exp \
        baseboards/jmr3904-sim.exp \
        baseboards/linux-gdbserver.exp \
        baseboards/linux-libremote.exp \
        baseboards/m32r-elf.exp \
+       baseboards/m32r-linux-sim.exp \
        baseboards/m32r-sid.exp \
        baseboards/m32r-sim.exp \
        baseboards/m68hc11-sim.exp \

brgds, H-P

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