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From: Hans-Peter Nilsson
Subject: sh64-sim.exp?
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 17:49:19 +0100

I have this sh64-sim.exp baseboard to go with the src/sim/sh64
simulator in the official (sourceware gdb CVS) repository.

I know this was in the sourceware dejagnu repository.  A STFW
returns the src-cvs commit messages but the links don't work; use

I see it was committed by Ben with the text "contribute sh5
pieces", but later on deleted by Andrew Cagney.  I don't have
the details of that event but I'm sure Ben recalls the debacle.
AFAIK there are no lingering copyright issues and it has just
been forgotten with the dejagnu moving and merging.  It's not
like there's rocket science in there, but it helps as long as
there's no generalized sim baseboard support.

Can it be included in current dejagnu?

brgds, H-P

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