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DejaGnu suitable for network server testing?

From: Rainer Gerhards
Subject: DejaGnu suitable for network server testing?
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 15:54:06 +0100


I hope this is the right list. I went through the DejaGnu doc, but I
have to admit I did not immediately grasp if I could use it to solve
my needs. So I thought I ask a quick question, which could eventually
save me from spending a lot of time reading just to find out I am on
the wrong path. So actually a quick yes or no type of answer would be
fine with me.

I am in the process at building test suites for my rsyslog project.
This is a GPLv3 syslogd replacement. Almost all tests involve running
a server instance of the daemon, running some other tool to send data
to it, shut down the daemon and examine logs. For some test cases, it
would also be useful to start up two different instances of the daemon
plus an additional tool and check if inter-daemon traffic is correctly
handled. The instances need not run on different machines (it is a
plus if that's possible, but I'll probably limit my test cases to a
single machine at first - I am happy if I can come that far...).

In the long term, this could also result in a compliance test for the
new syslog RFCs, but that's too much of future.

The basic question is: can I do this with DejaGnu? And while we are at
it, does someone happen to know a link to a tutorial how this is done
(OK, that's more than a yes/no, but that's the optional part of my
question ;)).

Any advise is deeply appreciated.

Rainer Gerhards

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