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Re: upcoming enhancement requests for GCC testing

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: upcoming enhancement requests for GCC testing
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 14:36:14 -0700
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Janis Johnson wrote:

> The GCC testsuite support does some really ugly things to support
> functionality that is not available in DejaGnu.  For example, it uses

  I think that could be called an understatement. :-) In the begging,
all testsuites actually lived in DejaGnu, so there was tighter
integration. This wasn't practical over the long-term, so I moved all
the testsuites under their respective source directories, and added
support for the "check" Makefile target. At that point the GCC
testsuites, (and I'm sure others) have often added their own support for
things instead of adding them to the core.

> upvar to reference DejaGnu local variables and overrides several DejaGnu
> procs.  I'd like to propose several changes to DejaGnu that would
> eventually allow GCC to drop its overrides and use that support directly
> from DejaGnu, where it would also be available to other projects.  I'll
> send separate mail messages suggesting specific changes.  As far as I
> know I don't have a copyright assignment for DejaGnu so I won't send
> patches.

  If you have a GCC copyright assignment already, I'd think doing one
for DejaGnu is easy. :-) But yes, I like your suggestion of breaking
everything into separate email threads, as we'll want to review them as
a group. My gut feeling is many are probably fine, and should be moved
to DejaGnu core, some are likely very GCC test framework specific, and
should stay there.

> The niftiest piece is the ability to use expressions for target lists
> and the use of effective-target keywords.  This allows a lot of
> flexibility for skipping or xfailing tests to clean up test results.

  And xfailing is a feature primarily used for toolchain testing... :-)

        - rob -

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