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runtest.exp location search fail

From: Honza Horak
Subject: runtest.exp location search fail
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 13:38:30 +0100
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after so called usrmove [1] in Fedora '/bin' is just a symlink to '/usr/bin'. Then a default $PATH includes '/bin' before '/usr/bin', which leads to the state where runtest is run under '/bin/runtest' and runtest.exp is located under '/usr/share/dejagnu/runtest.exp'.

runtest script then tries to guess location of runtest.exp, which fails, because the script searches it in: '@bindir@/../share' and '@bindir@/../../share'. Both paths are expanded to '/share' in this case, which will result in an error like that [2]:

$ runtest
ERROR: runtest.exp does not exist

I think two standard paths ('/usr/share/dejagnu' and '/usr/local/share/dejagnu' - which is where 'runtest.exp' is usually located) could be added to runtest script to be searched every-time. A little patch is attached.

Thanks for any comments




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