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Re: Using qemu with gcc/gdb testsuites

From: Joel Sherrill
Subject: Re: Using qemu with gcc/gdb testsuites
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 16:32:36 -0500

We use qemu with a wrapper script to test gcc for i386-rtems and m68k-rtems. It 
is possible and just a matter of having a boards file AFAIK.


David Fernandez <address@hidden> wrote:

>Hi there,
>I'm wondering if it is possible to use qemu as an arm-sim when running
>gcc or gdb testsuites form an arm-eabi cross-compiler.
>I've found some examples on running a bare metal program with:
>    qemu-system-arm -cpu cortex-m3 -nographic -monitor null -serial null
>-semihosting -kernel <myprogram>
>The problem is that I know nothing about dejagnu, and I wonder what is
>the easiest way to make everything work together, as the dejagnu
>documentation is a bit dense.
>Could any of you give me a quick recipe?
>Do I need to compile a linux arm kernel to use qemu as a remote
>simulator for testing? Could it be run using semihosting like the
>example above?
>David Fernandez
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