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Re: dejagnu-2.0 feature wishlist (from Cauldron 2013)

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: dejagnu-2.0 feature wishlist (from Cauldron 2013)
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 12:05:21 -0600
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On 08/29/2013 11:42 AM, Jan Kratochvil wrote:

> I haven't found any discussion here about the features in hypothetical
> dejagnu-2.0, as presented by Rob Savoye at Cauldron 2013.

  Sorry, I've been focused on other tasks, this Fall I'll be launching
into DejaGnu again heavily. Part of the reason for the BOF was to
collect ideas for the redesign, and to let people know things will be
changing after a long period of only maintainance.

> I wrote some scripts on top of DejaGNU but I think at least some of the
> functionality could be integrated into DejaGNU itself.  It depends whether
> dejagnu-2.0 scope will remain the same or whether DejaGNU should be used
> together with tools like buildbot or whether dejagnu-2.0 will integrate some
> of the buildbot-like functionality (multi-note continuous runs).

  Funny you mention this... I'm currently integrating DejaGnu with
Jenkins doing multi-node continuous builds. Part of this work is a
script that does the same thing crosstool-ng does, but has less
problems. I then have Jenkins use the script to do all the heavy
lifting. I think better integration between DejaGnu and buildbot,
Jenkins, or other automated build systems is a good thing. None of these
types of tools existed way back when DejaGnu was created.

> Former announcement of my scripts:
> URLs are no longer valid, the files can be found now at:
>       git clone git://
>       (that is my whole $HOME, not just the testsuite scripts)
> The primary script 'hammock' is at:

  Interesting, I'll have to look at these when I get a chance. Part of
my idea for 2.0 is to move more of the functionality various people have
written that run on top of DejaGnu into the core were appropriate. There
will be a lot more discussion on this list when I get around to refactoring.

        - rob -

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