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RE: Return value of ${board}_reboot proc

From: Anton Kolesov
Subject: RE: Return value of ${board}_reboot proc
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2013 16:41:25 +0000

> Hi Anton
> You're right.  There is one place where the function result is tested
> (base64k.exp) and it expects the result to be an integer.  So
> stnadard_reboot should return 1.  Perhaps there is a reason why Rob
> did it this way, but I think you should clean it up and submit a patch
> .. and perhaps Rob can check it over.
> Cheers, Ben

Hi Ben,

Patch attached for review. However I don't have a copyright assignment at the 
moment (work in progress), so if this cannot be deemed as "little" change, then 
it will have to wait till legal paperwork is resolved.

Anton Kolesov

Attachment: 0001-Change-standard_reboot-return-value.patch
Description: 0001-Change-standard_reboot-return-value.patch

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