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Wrong-looking line in dejagnu.exp: host_execute

From: David Malcolm
Subject: Wrong-looking line in dejagnu.exp: host_execute
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2014 16:48:58 -0500

Line 193 in dejagnu.exp's host_execute looks wrong to me:
   187          timeout {
   188              warning "Timed out executing test case"
   189              if { $timetol <= 2 } {
   190                  incr timetol
   191                  exp_continue
   192              } else {
>>>193                  -               catch close
   194                  return "Timed out executing test case"
   195              }
   196          }

Looking at the git history, the line was originally as:

-              catch close

(i.e. lined up with left-hand margin) in
ad5950c28155a9583b19cff68d3e7546d126c5f2 as part of:

2001-04-07  Rob Savoye  <address@hidden>

       * dejagnu.h: Embedded DejaGnu API main header file.

and became its current state:

                -               catch close

in 22b23d35df2026d61cd1fdbd322e13f03d5e09da
("Re-indent with Emacs' tcl-mode.")
authored by Ben Elliston, 2003-08-19.

It looks to me like this a conflict merger that went awry, and was then

The obvious fix appears to be to lose the "-" character and reindent to
line the "catch" up with the "return".

(seen in the modified copy of this function I have in gcc's jit.exp,
when running tests under valgrind, when timeouts are rather more

Hope this is helpful

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