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Patch for baseboards/generic-sim.exp

From: Steve Ellcey
Subject: Patch for baseboards/generic-sim.exp
Date: Mon, 11 May 2015 16:12:39 -0700
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This is an update to the generic-sim.exp baseboard to check the
DEJAGNU_SIM_OPTIONS environment variable and pass it in as an option
to the simulator.  I would like to add this so it is easier to pass
in qemu options when testing GCC.  Similar code already exists in

Steve Ellcey

2015-05-11  Steve Ellcey  <address@hidden>

        * baseboards/generic-sim.exp:  Check DEJAGNU_SIM_OPTIONS env. variable.

diff --git a/baseboards/generic-sim.exp b/baseboards/generic-sim.exp
index 7014bbe..db15d96 100644
--- a/baseboards/generic-sim.exp
+++ b/baseboards/generic-sim.exp
@@ -66,6 +66,10 @@ if {[info exists env(DEJAGNU_SIM_LDSCRIPT)]} {
     set_board_info ldscript "$env(DEJAGNU_SIM_LDSCRIPT)"
+if {[info exists env(DEJAGNU_SIM_OPTIONS)]} {
+    set_board_info sim,options "$env(DEJAGNU_SIM_OPTIONS)"
 if {[info exists env(DEJAGNU_SIM_BOARD_INFO)]} {
     foreach e $env(DEJAGNU_SIM_BOARD_INFO) {
        set_board_info [lindex $e 0] [lindex $e 1]

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