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How to debug dg-final test: FAIL (gcc.dg/pr30957-1.c: scan-rtl-dump)?

From: Mikyung Kang
Subject: How to debug dg-final test: FAIL (gcc.dg/pr30957-1.c: scan-rtl-dump)?
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 14:49:28 -0400


(1) When I run the gcc.dg/pr30957-1.c (same to gcc.dg/var-expand1.c), I got the FAIL at the dg-final-proc step (the text "Expanding Accumulator" can not be found in the "loop2_unroll" dump file?). Could you please let me know how I can debug/solve this FAIL problem at the dg-final? Is there any reference/information about dg-final-proc?

/* { dg-final { scan-rtl-dump "Expanding Accumulator" "loop2_unroll" } } */
Exec succeeded.
Running dg-final tests.
 scan-rtl-dump "Expanding Accumulator" "loop2_unroll"
 cleanup-rtl-dump "loop*"

FAIL: gcc.dg/pr30957-1.c scan-rtl-dump loop2_unroll "Expanding Accumulator"

(2) I'm getting some compilation errors b/c the expect_out uses "\r\n" but actual output uses "^M". Is there any way to avoid that error in the dejagnu side or other tips?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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