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Re: [patch] Make multi-sim.exp work with GCC test_installed script.

From: Matthew Fortune
Subject: Re: [patch] Make multi-sim.exp work with GCC test_installed script.
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2016 12:19:14 +0000

Hi Ben,

+  if [info exists GCC_UNDER_TEST] then {
+    set compiler $GCC_UNDER_TEST
+  } else {

This is the wrong approach for finding the compiler to use
for the baseboard setup. There is an existing alternative.

We already have the fragment below which means that the
'compiler' part of the board info can be overridden by
$DEJAGNU_SIM_GCC which is nicely separated from the GCC
test_installed logic.

# The compiler used to build for this board. This has *nothing* to do
# with what compiler is tested if we're testing gcc.
if {[info exists env(DEJAGNU_SIM_GCC)]} {
    set_board_info compiler "$env(DEJAGNU_SIM_GCC)"
} else {
    set_board_info compiler "[find_gcc]"

There is a real problem with using GCC_UNDER_TEST as it means
that it is not possible to use test_installed to run only
the g++ tests and not gcc. In that scenario GCC_UNDER_TEST
is set to 'no' which means that multi-sim.exp fails when
trying to run the 'no' compiler.

Please can you revert ef5f4a8c and I'll follow up with fixes
if there are any further problems to solve.


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