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dejagnu(1) multi-launcher and dejagnu-report-card

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: dejagnu(1) multi-launcher and dejagnu-report-card
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2018 18:59:34 -0600
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The discussion that started with fixing a nasty bug in MULTIPASS veered (at <URL:>) into improving the DejaGnu testsuite and adding a summarization tool, so that the overall results of DejaGnu runs testing multiple tools can be reported in a nice table. I was asked to move the discussion to the main dejagnu list, so am reproposing this here.

First, add a new dejagnu(1) multi-purpose launcher, in a style similar to git(1). This allows to select at run-time between multiple versions of auxiliary tools, depending on what is available on the system. This leads to a slightly more complex "structure" for DejaGnu, with an "inner core" (runtest(1) and its components) and an "outer core" (the dejagnu(1) subcommands) that is also installed. One of the reasons for this is that I would like the DejaGnu testsuite itself to use the dejagnu-report-card tool, and possibly for a future version of Automake to use it if the DEJATOOL variable indicates to test multiple tools.

Second, the first subcommand to implement would be "dejagnu report-card", for which I already have shell and Tcl implementations. This would then be usable as part of the DejaGnu testsuite to provide a nice summary at the end of a testsuite run.

Future plans include some kind of "canned test" feature to help with creating new testsuites and adding tools. Something like "dejagnu create testsuite" and "dejagnu add tool" would be nice.

-- Jacob

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