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dejagnu-report-card work-in-progress

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: dejagnu-report-card work-in-progress
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2018 22:23:26 -0600
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I have attached work-in-progress versions of the dejagnu-report-card tool. These, in particular, do not yet properly handle command line arguments and the dejagnu(1) multi-launcher I am currently developing both uses and passes "-v" (verbose), so there is more work to be done on these before they are ready for wide distribution.

The order of the output lines in the Tcl version is unstable. It appears to be directory order. That is a bug that will be fixed.

Additional optimization work has brought the Tcl version much closer to its AWK predecessor in performance and internal structure. Differences are imperceptible and currently difficult to reliably measure. It does seem to be a bit slower than AWK.

The shell version is different in an interesting way: while it is much slower in absolute terms, it is the only version that produces output incrementally.

The portable Awk version is also not yet written. I presume that "gawk --lint --posix" will be suitable to verify that it is indeed portable?

While these are not yet ready to merge into the DejaGnu tree, I wanted the list to see them and would welcome any helpful feedback.

-- Jacob

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