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Adding "-C <dir>" option to runtest(1)

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: Adding "-C <dir>" option to runtest(1)
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 18:17:13 -0600
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I would like to add an option to runtest for changing directory very early (actually in the shell launcher; Tcl would ignore it) as part of fixing the current Automake misintegration. This option would be analogous to the "-C" option to GNU make. Unfortunately, GNU make uses "--directory" as the corresponding long option and that is already used for a different purpose in DejaGnu.

This is a problem because the recursive runtest runs in the DejaGnu testsuite need to use a different site.exp from the outer runtest.

I have a few options:

(1)  Use a different long option name, perhaps "--base-directory".
(2) Add a shell script shim for the testsuite to use that changes directory and invokes "runtest". (3) Allow overriding the configfile name (default "site.exp") via command-line option.

I prefer option (1), since the functionality is strongly analogous to GNU make: both programs examine hard-coded files relative to the directory in which they start.

-- Jacob

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