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Re: isremote and unix board special handling question

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: Re: isremote and unix board special handling question
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2018 18:53:17 -0600
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Steve Ellcey wrote:
I have a question about the special handling of the 'unix' name in dejagnu. I am doing some GCC testing which uses dejagnu and I
want to create a new baseboard (unix-sysroot) which is just like
unix but sets ldflags so I can run GCC with a newly built glibc
in a non-standard location.

My first guess is that you might want a new target, rather than a new board ... oh, the manual seems to be silent on the matter. Read on for details and a possible workaround.


Now when I did this, the GCC testsuite tried to run the testsuite
as if unix-sysroot was a remote system.  I was told I needed to
set isremote to 0 so I put 'set_board_info isremote 0' in my
unix-sysroot.exp file but it doesn't seem to be working.  When
I run dejagnu with -v options I see:

board is unix-sysroot, isremote is 1


Does anyone know why setting isremote is not working?  I put it in
the beginning, end, and middle of my unix-sysroot.exp with no apparent
affect.  Is this why the exception for "unix" is still in framework.exp
because isremote is not working?  The code to check isremote in
framework.exp looks correct, it seems more like my setting of isremote
is either not taking effect or is getting overridden somewhere.

Another item on my TODO list is improving DejaGnu's manual, so I went digging on this. First stop: set_board_info in lib/targetdb.exp; this code is ancient, going substantially back to the "Initial revision":

proc set_board_info { entry value } {
   global board_info board
   if {![info exists board_info($board,$entry)]} {
        set board_info($board,$entry) $value

As we see, set_board_info only works if the specified /entry/ has not already been defined. So how is "set_board_info isremote 0" not working? A grep for "set_board_info.*isremote" turns up nothing... a broader pattern turned up this in load_board_description in runtest.exp and similar logic in load_base_board_description:

   if {![info exists board_info($whole_name,isremote)]} {
        set board_info($whole_name,isremote) 1
        if {[info exists board_type]} {
            if { $board_type == "build" } {
                set board_info($whole_name,isremote) 0
        if { ${board_name} == [get_local_hostname] } {
            set board_info($whole_name,isremote) 0

This is, of course, *before* actually loading the board description file, so "set_board_info isremote" has no effect.

The simple workaround: insert "unset_board_info isremote" before "set_board_info isremote 0".

-- Jacob

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