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Re: PATCH: clean up whitespace in manual

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: PATCH: clean up whitespace in manual
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2018 08:46:07 -0700
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On 12/10/18 11:00 PM, Jacob Bachmeyer wrote:

> That is on my local TODO list, after quite a bit of other code and
> documentation work, including sorting out "which of these procedures
> should be in an exported API and which should be considered internal?" 
> That it is mentioned at all suggests that it could be an API call, but
> lacking documentation could also suggest that it was meant to be internal.

  Or lack of time to add documentation. :-) As a framework though,
everything could be considered an "external" API. :-) But you are right
there are procs that are only to be used internally and should probably
be avoided in a normal testsuite.

> Also, after what threshold of adding/reorganizing/etc. the manual do we
> have to change the cover page to list "Rob Savoye, et al" and "Cygnus
> Support and the GNU Project"?

  Ok with me. Is there a cover page for a texinfo document ?

> I *think* that would be the right way to attribute it:  Rob Savoye is
> the first author and was probably working at Cygnus when the manual was
> written (the manual seems to have been written during the early-ish days
> at Cygnus and then forgotten as DejaGnu developed further -- not

  I moved on to other projects too, libgloss/newlib and GDB stubs at the
time. Course I also ported the doc from texinfo to Docbook, which was
probably part of the problem. I did that to produce PDF files which we
needed to print manuals at Cygnus. Most thought Docbook way too
complicated to edit, so didn't. But yes I was at Cygnus when I wrote the
original draft of the manual.

> questions).  There are now other authors, the ChangeLog and Git history
> document who wrote what parts, and DejaGnu is now a GNU package, so it
> seems "right" to me.

  DejaGnu was a GNU project from the day it was created, as that was the

        - rob -

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