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Re: PATCH: add dejagnu(1) multi-launcher [revised] [supplemental patch:

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: Re: PATCH: add dejagnu(1) multi-launcher [revised] [supplemental patch: dejagnu]
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2018 03:23:46 -0600
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Ben Elliston wrote:
On Thu, Dec 20, 2018 at 01:05:45AM -0600, Jacob Bachmeyer wrote:
This patch is the long-promised dejagnu(1) multi-launcher, revised
to include also its first command "dejagnu help" in this patch to
ensure that it works properly.


Unfortunately, the testsuite is failing:

Spawning "/home/bje/source/dejagnu/dejagnu --DGTimpl sh" ...
Expecting to match {} ...
Exit code 2; output {/home/bje/source/dejagnu/dejagnu: 146: shift: can't shift 
that many}
FAIL: have shell, always

It works here... looks like a portability problem... what shell is your /bin/sh?

Try this patch:

diff --git a/dejagnu b/dejagnu
index 4b174db..06efcc7 100755
--- a/dejagnu
+++ b/dejagnu
@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ fi
command="$(basename "$0" | sed -e 's/^.*-\?dejagnu-\?//')"

-while true
+while expr $# \> 0 > /dev/null
    if test -z "${command}" ; then
        if expr "$1" : - > /dev/null ; then

A close reading of POXIX (<URL:>) indicates that shift is not permitted if the argument list is empty.

-- Jacob

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