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Re: PATCH: add dejagnu-report-card(1) tool (run as "dejagnu report card"

From: Ben Elliston
Subject: Re: PATCH: add dejagnu-report-card(1) tool (run as "dejagnu report card")
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2018 21:00:49 +1100
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On Sun, Dec 30, 2018 at 02:17:12AM -0600, Jacob Bachmeyer wrote:

> The "dejagnu report card" form is an alias as long as there is no
> "report" command -- the launcher sees "report", notes that "report"
> is not a valid command, appends the next argument, checks again, and
> finds that "report-card" is valid.  If invoked as "dejagnu
> report-card", the launcher sees "report-card", notes that that *is*
> a valid command, and runs with it.

I've never been fond of this because it makes backward compatibility a
problem. If you introduce a "report" subcommand later, then users who
have grown to love the "report card" shortcut will have to change
their habits and/or scripts. One and only one command for each
feature, IMHO.

> This is for user convenience, along with the symlink-to-launcher
> feature, which is intended to bring the commands into the $PATH
> where Readline can find them.

The symlink-to-launcher thing is OK with me. It's a small bit of code
and is universal. Low maintenace.

> That said, the dejagnu subcommands need canonical names for
> documentation.  Should those be like "dejagnu-report-card" (using a
> launcher symlink) or "dejagnu report-card" (standard name for
> launcher, explicit full name for command)?

Why not just document them all in the dejagnu(1) man page? I see no
reason why not. It's easy to hit / and search for the subcommand of

Cheers, Ben

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