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"tool-and-target-specific" configuration files

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: "tool-and-target-specific" configuration files
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2019 21:32:34 -0600
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I have run into an interesting contradiction while documenting what DejaGnu expects to find in testsuite/config. The load_tool_target_config proc loads a "tool-and-target-specific interface file" that is not actually tool-specific at all. Comments suggest that the "tool" variable was planned for removal at some point, but this obviously is not going to actually happen.

Currently, the files loaded by the default setup_target_hook are:

1. base-config.exp from testsuite/config
2. board description files from ??? (this will be another rat's nest to untangle and document, but related to customizing DejaGnu rather than to testsuites, since boards are logically part of the testing lab rather than the testsuite; now on my local TODO list for later) 2a. if the board descriptions cannot be loaded but the board is named "unix", try [load_generic_config "unix"] ignoring failures 3. a "tool-and-target-specific" configuration derived from the active board's generic_name, or the other names in load_tool_target_config if that is not found, which are: ${target_os}.exp, default.exp, unknown.exp.

I suggest adding a "3a" that loads testsuite/config/${target_os}-${tool}.exp if present, after loading the file from step "3". This also means that the comment on load_tool_target_config is wrong, but I will include fixing that in the patch after I have a clearer picture of what this procedure is expected to actually do.

Am I correct that all "config" files and board descriptions are loaded by the default hook procedures?

At what point in the above search is testsuite/config/unix.exp found?

Or should I shelve documenting the expected structure of a testsuite and untangle the board/target description rat's nest first, documenting the description of a testing lab under "Customizing DejaGnu"?

Aside from load_lib, are any of the other load_* procedures in runtest.exp considered part of any API or can they be refactored at will to help untangle this rat's nest?

-- Jacob

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