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dejagnu version update?

From: Mike Stump
Subject: dejagnu version update?
Date: Wed, 13 May 2020 09:51:42 -0700

I've changed the subject to match the 2015, 2017 and 2018 email threads.

On May 13, 2020, at 3:26 AM, Thomas Schwinge <address@hidden> wrote:
> Comparing DejaGnu/GCC testsuite '*.sum' files between two systems ("old"
> vs. "new") that ought to return identical results, I found that they
> didn't:

> I have not found any evidence in DejaGnu master branch that this not
> working would've been a "recent" DejaGnu regression (and then fixed for
> DejaGnu 1.6) -- so do we have to assume that this never worked as
> intended back then?

Likely not.

> Per our "Prerequisites for GCC" installation documentation, we currently
> require DejaGnu 1.4.4.  Advancing that to 1.6 is probably out of
> question, given that it has "just" been released (four years ago).

:-)  A user that wants full coverage should use 1.6, apparently.

> As the failure mode with old DejaGnu is "benign" (only causes missing
> execution testing), we could simply move on, and accept non-reproducible
> results between different DejaGnu versions?  Kind of lame...  ;-|

An ugly wart to be sure.

So, now that ubuntu 20.04 is out and RHEL 8 is out, and they both contain 6, 
and SLES has 6 and since we've been sitting at 1.4.4 for so long, anyone want 
to not update dejagnu to require 1.6?

I had previously approved the update to 1.5.3, but no one really wanted it as 
no one updated the requirement.  Let's have the 1.6 discussion.  I'm not only 
inclined to up to 1.6, but to actually edit it in this time.

Anyone strongly against?  Why?

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