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Ensuring that site.exp no longer overrides command line options

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: Ensuring that site.exp no longer overrides command line options
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2020 22:12:28 -0500
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Recently, bug#41647 was reported and I have found that it is caused by (1) Automake writing a relative name for srcdir into site.exp if configure is invoked using a relative name, (2) overriding this with a command-line option specifying an absolute path in the "check" recipe because (3) Automake invokes runtest in the "testsuite" directory but (4) Automake does not adjust the relative srcdir value to account for this, (5) site.exp overrides the command line from the time it is loaded until the command line is parsed for the second time, and (6) during the window where the command line options are overridden DejaGnu attempts to load the tool init file.

Obviously, this means that site.exp overriding command line options needs to be fixed and that window needs to be closed. I am unsure if there are any uses for this "misfeature" and therefore how aggressively the command line parameters should be reapplied after loading the local init file. Should only srcdir be restored (which should be enough to fix bug#41647)? Should everything set as a result of that parse be stored away and restored after loading site.exp? Should only the options that will be reset at the second parse be restored? Something else?

-- Jacob

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