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Re: New API call: "testsuite has api call" [renamed]

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: Re: New API call: "testsuite has api call" [renamed]
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 2020 13:43:52 -0500
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Jacob Bachmeyer wrote:
The proposed form is simple:  testsuite has api call <api call as words>
As an example [testsuite has api call testsuite file] returns 1 as does [testsuite has api call testsuite has api call].

Test scripts are expected to use this call along the lines of:
   if { [testsuite has api call some new command] } {
       some new command and its args

After sitting on this for a while, I am considering renaming the new call to "testsuite can call api" in a simple s/has api call/can call api/ (well, "simple" from the caller's perspective, the renaming is a bit more involved). I believe that the new name "reads better" in the expected use; for example:

   if { [testsuite can call api testsuite file] } { ... }
   if { [testsuite has api call testsuite file] } { ... }

Changing this seems to better express a shade of meaning: the availability of an API call is a characteristic of the environment rather than of the testsuite itself.

-- Jacob

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