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DejaGnu 1.6.3 release candidate 3

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: DejaGnu 1.6.3 release candidate 3
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2021 22:40:49 -0500
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Release candidate 3 for DejaGnu 1.6.3 has been uploaded to
at <URL:>.

Release candidate 3 continues efforts to address issues reported by Rainer Orth on Solaris systems:

PR47382 should be (mostly) resolved in this release candidate, as an additional non-portable construct has been removed from the runtest launcher script; this was the last step in the script before actually invoking Expect to run DejaGnu, so the runtest launcher should again be portable to ancient non-POSIX /bin/sh.

There is an additional possible issue with the dejagnu(1) launcher under Solaris 10 that was reported with the Solaris 10 /bin/ksh, however I do not yet have sufficient information to fully diagnose the problem.

As I do not have access to any Solaris machines for testing, I would
like to take this opportunity to thank Rainer Orth for his help, to ask
for confirmation that this release candidate resolves these issues, and
to ask everyone to report any other unknown bugs found in either release
candidate to

Release candidate 3 also addresses PR47533; thanks to Tom Tromey for pointing out that the usage message in the new dejagnu(1) launcher script did not follow GNU metasyntactic conventions.

Known Bugs

Two bugs were reported after the 1.6.3 code freeze and will be present
in the 1.6.3 release; both are expected to be fixed in 1.6.4:
   - PR44462
      - get_multilibs blindly assumes that the target compiler is GCC
   - PR44602
      - loading files fails if the full name contains spaces

One bug was reported in release candidate 1 and will be partially fixed
in 1.6.3, with more extensive work planned for 1.6.4:
   - PR47385
      - framework code can incorrectly accept directories as executable

Other known bugs include the incorrect handling of libdirs and
thread-safety issues with the C unit testing support in dejagnu.h.

Future Directions

There are no changes to the future directions previously announced with 1.6.3 release candidates 1 and 2 at this time.

-- Jacob

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