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More stuff given to gnustep

From: Bertrand Dekoninck
Subject: More stuff given to gnustep
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2021 21:05:44 +0200

Hi everyone on the list.
I think I’ve almost finished the transmission of my stuff to the gnustep repo.
The last days, the following repos have landed on https://github.org/gnustep :

  • RikIcons : my set of icons and app_wrappers. They provide alternative versions app icons and document_icons of some gnustep apps and app wrappers with app_icons and document_icons for non gnustep apps. Some wallpapers are also provided.
  • TopBar : a permanent bar sitting at the top of the screen. It’s purely cosmetic for my « mac-like » desktop : it prevents the global menubar from disappearing when switching from on gnustep app to a non gnustep one. 
  • WindowMaker-session : some scripts and stuff for my « mac-like » desktop with gnustep  and wmaker.
  • ThemePreview : I needed a tool to have standard previews of my themes, that I could include in the resource folder of each theme. I use this app to take a screenshot  of those.

I’m no more at the hospital. I’m now hospitalized at home, with palliative care provided by a nurse who comes twice a day. I’m very tired. But I can still do a little work for gnustep.
I won’t give health news on the list anymore. My wife will give some news to Gregory and Ricardo if I can’t anymore.

Anyone here, go on ! Have fun with this marvelous project. It needs some love, it needs some apps as good as PikoPixel and Workspace!

Cheers !
Bertrand Dekoninck

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