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[Emacs-devel] Repository Move

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: [Emacs-devel] Repository Move
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 19:01:27 -0700


I have now set most of you up on subversions to access the emacs 

The server that Emacs' repository currently sits on is going away Thursday
or Friday.  Because of this, I am moving Emacs tommorow to subversions. 
Please do not commit anything to Emacs after 1900gmt on September 13th.  I
will email here with instructions as soon as I have completed the move
sometime after that.

Thanks for your patience with me, this move and another one were more 
work than I had expected.

Jeff Bailey

"It is easy to be blinded to the essential uselessness of computers by
the sense of accomplishment you get from getting them to work at all."
 - Douglas Adams

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