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From: Miles Bader
Subject: toolbars
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 14:12:11 +0900 (JST)

Now that cvs is finally working again, I checked out the toolbars.

They seem to work fine, once I apply the attached patch (I didn't check
it in, because my working directory is all messed up by the face image
tiling stuff; could someone else apply my patch?).  The problem is that
image caches are shared between frames, but the code in
clear_image_cache only invalidates the caller's frame; I fixed it by
simply not clearing images in caches that are shared, but perhaps image
caches should have a list of referencing frames, so they can properly
invalidate things.  [the bug shows up when you wait for tooltips to pop
up on toolbar buttons]

There are a couple of other points:

  1) What is wierd narrow region at the bottom of the toolbar, separated
     from the main toolbar by a line?

  2) If you change the color of the toolbar (e.g, with set-face-background)
     some of the icons show up in little grey boxes, instead of with
     properly invisible backgrounds.

  3) Along the same lines as my hack to clear_image_cache, in my local
     copy, for the benefit of face background images, I added a call

       clear_face_cache (0); /* An image may have been a face tile.  */

     because faces now can reference images.  This seems slightly
     sub-optimal, so if you change the way image cache flushing is done,
     could you keep this in mind?



Attachment: clr-image-cache.patch
Description: Patch to make toolbars work

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