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Re: VC/CVS: local diffing and reverting implemented

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: VC/CVS: local diffing and reverting implemented
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 10:40:11 -0400

>   (1) The local files are called "version backups", and they follow
>       the same naming convention as in C-x v ~
>       (vc-version-other-window).  I have chosen not to make these
>       files invisible (by prepending a `.' or something) because it
>       helps users to see what is going on, files can also be re-used by
>       C-x v ~, and it saves us from introducing another naming scheme.
>       Do people agree with that?

For CVS I could argue that CVS/Base/<file> should/could be used instead,
but it probablt makes more sense to do as you did.
[ wondering about interaction between that new thing and the multiple-backend
  support.  What if RCS' version 1.32 is not the same as CVS' version 1.32 ? ]

>   (2) If there's a version backup for the current workfile version,
>       that is deleted at check-in time, or if you do a local revert
>       (but only if version backups are indeed used for the file).
>       The reason is that I don't want to clutter working directories
>       with version backups.  Also ok with you?

I don't see the need for removal when doing the revert.  90% of the
times I use vc-revert-buffer it is to create a new version with only
some of the diffs (in order to commit some of the local changes),
in which case, I'd much rater keep the version-backup.

Also, not removing in the case of revert would allow the use of revert-file
in vc-transfer-file.


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