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Re: Re[1]: bitmap files

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: Re[1]: bitmap files
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 12:59:19 +0100
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>>>>> "EML" == Eric M Ludlam <address@hidden> writes:

 EML>   I was able to get it to work on my Solaris machine with the
 EML> pbms.  It's interesting.

What did you do?

 EML>   My recommendation for the default color scheme is to have the
 EML> icons be black on the grey, and perhaps less black when
 EML> disabled, instead of non-existent.  

I don't understand this at all.  The PBMs are two-level and how they
are actually drawn depends on the context; the PBM toolbar icons will
come out as black-on-grey by default on a colour display.  The XPMs
have a transparent background, though the display code tries to intuit
the background to use anyway.  Some toolbar items aren't shown for
mode-class special, others are disabled in the same circumstances as
the corresponding menu items but they don't disappear on me.

 EML> I'll guessed there was an option for that already, and sure
 EML> enough, the default foreground for the tool bar face is black,
 EML> so this seems to be ignored for me.

Do you mean that the face isn't black on grey or that just the icon
drawing is wrong?

 EML>   I'd like to offer pbms as back up images for speedbar also.

Yes, that was todo.  For the other icons I used `mogrify' from
ImageMagick, but the `-colorspace transparent' (?) option didn't work,
so I sed'ed around it.  I don't know if it's a bug or my

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