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Re: Dependency on lisp.h

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Dependency on lisp.h
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 14:18:42 -0400

> > How about splitting the file somewhat.  I recently changed lisp.h
> > because of a change in keymap.c, for example.  It would have been better
> > to have keymap.h with full dependency info in the Makefile.
> I suspect that the problem is with the many Lisp-related macros on
> lisp.h.  If this is indeed the case, it will not be easy to split
> lisp.h.

Yes, but lisp.h has a lot more than the Lisp-related macros.
Much of the that "lot more" could be moved somewhere else.

Also those macros are not changed nearly as often and when they are,
they more often require a full recompile (because they are used
at many places).

I much prefer having full dependency in the makefile and then splitting
.h files so as to reduce those dependencies.


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