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Re: outline-mode faces

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: outline-mode faces
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 14:10:25 +0200 (IST)

On Sun, 22 Oct 2000, Miles Bader wrote:

> Here are the mappings used by outline-mode:
>     '((1 . font-lock-function-name-face)
>       (2 . font-lock-variable-name-face)
>       (3 . font-lock-keyword-face)
>       (4 . font-lock-builtin-face)
>       (5 . font-lock-comment-face)
>       (6 . font-lock-constant-face)
>       (7 . font-lock-type-face)
>       (8 . font-lock-string-face))))

I don't see any reason to use font-lock faces, since they are supposed to
be tailored to program sources, not to ASCII text.  For text files, I
think we need face definitions based on header levels.  These definitions
could be used by Text, Outline, Texinfo, TeX, and Info modes, among

> I guess it's probably too late to change this for 21.1, but outline mode
> seems like it really needs its own set of faces...

Too many independent faces is not a Good Thing, IMHO.  Aside of too much 
consing, it also makes it hard for the user to get a grip of all of 

I think we should have a single default face definition for all text-like
modes.  If that is not enough, they should at least inherit from the same

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