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Re: bogus commit in emacs/lisp/files.el

From: Andre Spiegel
Subject: Re: bogus commit in emacs/lisp/files.el
Date: 25 Oct 2000 18:02:49 +0200
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I wrote

> Somebody with full access to subversions must go to the CVS
> repository and type 

>               rcs -o1.504 files.el,v

"Stefan Monnier" <monnier+gnu/address@hidden> writes:

>       cvs admin -m1.505:"(basic-save-buffer): Call vc-before-save before 
> saving." files.el
>       cvs admin -o1.504

Thanks, Stefan.  That does go beyond my solution slightly, indeed :-).
(If you add "files.el" to that last line of yours, I presume ;-).

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