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Strange VC/CVS failure

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Strange VC/CVS failure
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 21:57:34 +0100

I don't know if this is repeatable, or if something can be done to
improve reliability (I can't even tell if Emacs or CVS is to blame
here), but I had a problem today which may interest others.

A recent change I made to gnus-art.el did not get checked in when I
followed the usual VC checkin procedure. I was unaware of this until
Dave emailed me because he was merging changes back into the Gnus CVS
archives. I know I am not imagining that I checked it in previously,
because after receiving Dave's email I checked it in again using the
same procedure, and again it silently failed to check in. The third
attempt (when I was watching carefully for any signs of failure), the
checkin worked.

Jason Rumney <address@hidden>

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