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Re: <backspace> and DEL

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: <backspace> and DEL
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 10:41:29 -0500

> I want my backspace key (the one to the right of "+=") to invoke
> `backward-delete-char-untabify' in all modes.
> Unfortunately,
>  lisp-mode.el binds <backspace> to `delete-backward-char' and
>                     DEL to `backward-delete-char-untabify', while

Isn't that a "bug" in lisp-mode ?
Why should lisp-mode rebind backspace or DEL ?

>  cc-langs.el binds <backspace> to `c-electric-backspace' (which DTRT) and
>                    DEL to `delete-backward-char'.

Shouldn't this hungry-delete thing be global (not C-specific) ?

> This inconsistency is extremely annoying: there is no way to customize
> emacs to always untabify on backspace.

Agreed (except that I don't want untabify).  But it's not a new bug
in 21.1 and should probably not be "fixed" now.

> (this is not a problem for me, I can use hooks &c, but what about the
> users who are supposed to do all their customizations via customize?)

I sure hope users are not *supposed* to do all their customizations
via customize.  That would keep them from learning more about their tool
and getting more actively involved in its evolution.


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