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Some notes for Emacs 21

From: Vinicius Jose Latorre
Subject: Some notes for Emacs 21
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 13:39:10 -0200


I'm using Emacs for the first time (it's cool!).  I also have the
following observations about it:

 + TAB character with courier font:
   TAB has around 7 spaces width in courier font instead of 8.  So sources are
   no more visually aligned.

 + compare-windows:
   When comparing two windows with compare-windows, only the selected window is
   updated, the other window is updated only when I switch to it (C-x o).
   In Emacs 20.x, both windows are updated.

 + require:
   I use msb package, so in my .emacs has the line:

   (require 'msb)

   But msb package is not activated until an explicity (load "msb") is done.
   In Emacs 20.x, the require command works ok.

As I wrote above, this is my first use of Emacs 21 and, probably, I'm missing


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