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Re: GnuPG support from inside emacs?

From: Rajesh Vaidheeswarran
Subject: Re: GnuPG support from inside emacs?
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 13:30:03 -0400 (EDT)

Thankfully, I hadn't done much at all.. mailcrypt seems to be doing
a great job, but for some reason it is not a part of Emacs. If anyone
know why, I'd appreciate the details.. If there is no reason for it not
to be part of Emacs, methinks it would make a valuable addition to the
lisp libraries that we have.


In a previous message, Francesco Potorti` writes:

>    I took a stab at a gpg-sign defun for emacs. This is decidedly not the
>    coolest way of doing it.. but as I started to go deep into it, I
>    wanted to make sure I wasn't duplicating effort.
> Maybe you did: look at mailcrypt.el.
> And when you want to post sources, look at the address@hidden
> mailing list, or the gnu.emacs.sources newsgroup.

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