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Description of elisp files and finder

From: Pavel Janík
Subject: Description of elisp files and finder
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 20:33:47 +0200
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finder uses the first line of the elisp file to generate finder-inf.el. Do
we have any conventions here? Some descriptions end with dot, some

address@hidden:~/.Emacs/Work/emacs/lisp > head -1 abbrev*
==> abbrev.el <==
;;; abbrev.el --- abbrev mode commands for Emacs

==> abbrevlist.el <==
;;; abbrevlist.el --- list one abbrev table alphabetically ordered.

Some begins with capital letters some do not.

Some do not have correct and meaningful description which finder.el can

address@hidden:~ > head -1 /home/pavel/.Emacs/Work/emacs/lisp/allout.el
;;;_* allout.el --- Extensive outline mode for use alone and with other modes.
address@hidden:~ > 

This line is saved as the following info in finder-inf.el:

        (outline mode wp languages))

and thus have no description in package finder. The same (or similar)
applies for:

- subdirs.el (do we really need this file in package finder?)

- esh-groups.el (it is auto-generated - we do not need it in finder)

- terminal files apollo.el, bobcat.el, linux.el, lk201.el, vt102.el,
  vt125.el, vt200.el, vt201.el, vt220.el, vt240.el, vt300.el, vt320.el,
  vt400.el, vt420.el do not have descriptions and do not appear in finder
  output at all.

- reftex*.el files (main file has the correct description, but others do
  not have one but are included in finder)

- gnus.el (This file begins with : in the current CVS???).

- pong.el This should fix it:

-;;; pong.el - classical implementation of pong
+;;; pong.el --- classical implementation of pong

- grouping of library files is really strange these days. Some files do not
  contain Keywords: header line, some contain it, but with bad group like
  allout.el (it contains outline as a keyword, but the correct one is

I can take care of finder & co. code and help make finder more usable then
it is now. Eric, do you plan to spend some time on this code or can I take
it from you? Thank you for your answer.
Pavel Janík

... and the program is stable like baseground during an earthquake.
                  -- Matthias Eckermann about beta of some program

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