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Re: Unicode/Mule (Re: null-device)

From: Karl Eichwalder
Subject: Re: Unicode/Mule (Re: null-device)
Date: 23 Jul 2001 05:42:29 +0200
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Thanks for all the other answers.

Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

> On 19 Jul 2001, Karl Eichwalder wrote:
> > Mule has issues (and you all know about them); maybe, the \201 issue is
> > fixed by -- unfortunately, I've still to handle broken files coming in
> > (on account of the Translation Project).  It was (and is?) Emacs
> > creating those files.  And Emacs 21.x is still clueless to detect this
> > mess and to guide the user to fix this files.
> IIRC, this is the first time someone suggests a feature that would try to 
> fix those messed up files.  I think it's a good idea, if those files can 
> be repaired in many cases.
> What happens if you visit those files with "C-x RET c emacs-mule RET" 
> before "C-x C-f"?

In the meantime Fran├žois sent such a file to you (and larsi).  I hope
you've had the time to run the tests; if not I can do it.

> > The consequence is, Gnus often thinks it has to create a
> > multipart message...  Yes, it will only do so if you'll enter three 'y'
> > (yes) in a row -- this isn't "user-friendly" (Eli).
> I don't understand that last remark: I don't have anything to do with how 
> Gnus handles this.

Sorry, this was a stupid remark by my side.  I just wanted to draw
attention to the fact that features one calls user-friendly (toolbar,
customize, etc.) are unpleasant to a broad user base.  I don't want to
discuss these decisions here: who codes has the right (or "power") to
decide what gets implemented and what not.

> > But it's Eli who permanently complains "we don't have enough developers".

> That's what I think.  I'm entitled to tell that whenever I think it's
> appropriate: a development team that is not large enough cannot be
> expected to make radical changes too frequently, especially when the
> subject matter is outside of the immediate area of expertise of many
> of us.

That's exactly it the point.  If nobody is able it maintain certain
parts of the code it has to go away (ange-ftp/VMS).

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