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RE: Weird frame/buffer interaction

From: EXT-Broida, Michael P
Subject: RE: Weird frame/buffer interaction
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 12:31:27 -0600

        I was CC'd on the below message, and figured I'd
        throw my two cents in to cloud the issue.  <grin>

        I don't know what "magic resize" you're talking
        about.  My original post was about the fact that
        SOMETIMES I can drag a modebar down and it will
        compress several windows below it, but OTHER TIMES
        it will only compress the FIRST window below the
        bar then will STOP moving.  I can't see any kind
        of pattern on when it allow or disallows that
        resizing to occur.

        Hope that helps a bit.

                Thanks for looking at it, folks!

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> From:         Richard Stallman[SMTP:address@hidden
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> Sent:         Sunday, March 03, 2002 10:07 PM
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> Subject:      Re: Weird frame/buffer interaction
>     I just tried to create 6 windows on a frame (50x132) with 
> I can't even see the bottom window when I try this, not even with font
> 5x7.
> So I can't debug it.  But I can answer some questions:
>     Depending on the sequence in which the windows are split, the "magic"
>     resizing of the windows seem to affect all or only some of the
>     windows.  So it is might be related to "parent/child" window
>     relationships?
> Not in a case like this.  When all the splittings are vertical,
> you get one set of equal siblings under a single parent window.
> Can you make the problem happen using C-x ^?  That way you could
> determine more precisely when the problem happens, so you could get
> set up such that the next C-x ^ command will produce the problem.
> That would make it more convenient to step thru and see why it
> suddenly makes all the windows equal in size.

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