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Re: many packages write to `temporary-file-directory' insecurely

From: Colin Walters
Subject: Re: many packages write to `temporary-file-directory' insecurely
Date: 06 Mar 2002 21:40:15 -0500

On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 11:59, Stefan Monnier wrote:

> There's no point in declaring it in the C code since it's only
> used from elisp.

Do you have a suggestion for where to define it, then?  I couldn't find
any place that seemed "right".  startup.el seems to be the closest.  I
suppose we could just define it in gamegrid.el, but then every Emacs
game that wants to save state would have to require that file.  Perhaps
this isn't a bad thing, but I think of "game-state-directory" much like

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