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Re: dired too SLOW

From: Jim Buffenbarger
Subject: Re: dired too SLOW
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 15:04:54 -0700

Hi Richard,

Jim> I had this problem and commented-out the invocation
Jim> of "df", from:

Jim>     insert-directory.el

Jim> My dired's are now back to normal speed.

Richard> It is very strange that df should be so slow.
Richard> Normally it is very fast.  What is causing it to be
Richard> slow?

A bunch of ClearCase mounted filesystems (VOBs):

    hpbs1443$ time sh -c "(df | wc -l)"

    real    0m21.383s
    user    0m0.010s
    sys     0m0.210s

I noticed that Helen, the original poster, was from HP in
Roseville, CA. I guessed that she used ClearCase, too.

-- Jim

PS: Thanks for emacs.

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