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Re: configure tests for graphics libraries

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: configure tests for graphics libraries
Date: 28 Mar 2002 23:43:18 +0000
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

>     > My understanding of the situation is that we have now installed
>     > changes to prevent that.  If you think there is still a problem,
>     > would you please describe the remaining problem
>     Pavel did that in the preceding message.
> Getting 400 messages a day as I do, and dealing with so many issues,
> I have trouble keeping track.

Of course.  I've always made significant effort to keep mail off you.
It's bad news you're not shielded from so much noise.

> Could one of you please tell me what the remaining problem is?

This was in the one you replied to, when you said nothing needed to be

  No, I have identified only additional bug in GIF support. This bug
  is now fixed in both RC and HEAD. Emacs still can crash with broken
  libungif and I think it is too much work to identify the problem in
  old version of libungif. I have asked libungif author to release new
  version with better version informations.

Fixing future versions of libungif won't help when building against
current libraries and is unnecessary with the autoconf test.  That,
and the similar jpeg test, didn't get installed for Emacs 21.2, so
people can still build a version using the default configuration which
crashes when they get sent a GIF file by mail.  (I reported the
problem against 21.1 to bug-gnu-emacs; it subsequently got diverted to

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